About Us

As a division of McKesson Canada, AMEGA Health specializes in providing Canadian healthcare professionals with a diverse range of medical products and services in response to their specific needs.

AMEGA Health: Your Medical Product Supplier

Our mission

Our core priority is creating value for our customers – healthcare professionals across Canada – and empowering them in their care of patients, by offering medical supplies, healthcare solutions, and distribution services in response to their specific needs. Leveraging our extensive distribution network and partnerships, we are dedicated to serving our customers with precision, so they have the right products for their unique requirements. By fostering trust, we enable our customers to focus on their primary goal: the well-being of their patients.

Our values

Our values reflect our commitment to our customers and our promise to provide them with quality and efficiency in our services to earn their trust. By embracing these values, we bring out the best in ourselves and help support our mission to improve health for all.